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Welcome to the Daima, the unique and rich flavor you seek.

At Daima we specialize in the fine art and delicacy of roasted nuts. Most nuts including Daima have many health benefits to their name, yet not many have the unique and rich flavor Daima does. Thus we have incorporated real Daima with many other foods in order to come out with a sweet dessert and a unique taste. Our Story goes back to the homeland of Daima, Brazil. Back home, Daima was a staple in all of the cuisines which enriched the taste and texture of the dishes, In this way, we decided to bring this Brazilian classic to the Middle East to combine the flavorful healthy nut with the tasty Arabic cuisine to form the perfect combination.


Since Bakery 2020

Our goal is to create products that exceed the standard view of Daima as a nut and even more so, to expand its incorporations into foods through more means. We would like to showcase and highlight all of its healthy and tasty attributes in different mechanisms from sweets and confectionaries to dishes

We have many health benefits unique and rich flavor.

For over 20 years The Daima Company has treated the upstate to homemade confections. The store's original owners founded Daima in 2000. To this day, it maintained its old-fashioned way of making chocolates instead of industrializing them. Our team is passionate about time-honored recipes, ingredients, and techniques.
The Daima specialty is gourmet chocolate. We offer a wide range of chocolate-covered nuts, caramels, cream centers, truffles, and more. Our signature item is our trademarked caramel Daima adding roasted to our precise standards and hand-dipped in our unique chocolate coating. They are favorites at many dinner party, weddings, and holiday gatherings. Furthermore, they make their way all over the country as gifts.