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Here at Daima, we are passionate about providing high-quality nuts, dates, dried fruits, Dragees, Arabian sweets, honey, and dehydrated vegetables that are essential to every household. Our roots run deep in the Gulf, where the aroma of coffee, nuts, and honey has been a staple of home life for generations. However, we saw a gap in the market for a modern gourmet concept that would suit today's fast-paced lifestyle.We believe that traditional ingredients can be elevated with premium quality, modern esthetics, and innovative packaging. That's why we source the finest ingredients and products to create a range of gourmet items that are delicious and healthy.


Since Bakery 2020

Our goal is to create products that exceed the standard view of Daima as a nut and even more so, to expand its incorporations into foods through more means. We would like to showcase and highlight all of its healthy and tasty attributes in different mechanisms from sweets and confectionaries to dishes

Quality Over Everything!

At Daima we have specialized in the fine art of delicacy of Dragees. Almost all kinds of coated nuts that we offer, contain several health benefits to their name. We have specialized in incorporating our items with special chocolate and products to come out with a sweet yet exciting taste. Our platform contains a comprehensive list of Arabic Sweets that we have filled with extraordinary tastes. Our professional chefs are trained to prepare the very best products that can be formulated upon the region to satisfy customers. Whether you are looking for a healthy snack, a special gift, or an indulgent treat, we have something for everyone. Our products are made with love and care, and we are proud to offer a taste of Gulf that is truly unique.