Dates Benefits

Published on: May 21, 2022

Dates benefits, Many Kinds of Dates

We always look for the best benefits in the food we eat as we tend to read the nutritious facts that the food contains. However, when it comes to dates, we all know that dates benefits are numerous, and their nutritious facts are uncountable due to their countless benefits. 

In this article, we are going to see the dates benefits, and what are the kinds of dates 


Dates are a tropical fruit that grows on a date palm tree in small clusters. Dates are the tastiest fruit in GCC and UAE. It has dark brown skin, and soft flesh and is distinctively sweet.

Moreover, Dates are beneficial because they are rich in important minerals for the health and the body. Dates benefits come from their contents of iron, phosphorous, sulfur, potassium, manganese, copper, chlorine, magnesium, and calcium. and "B1" and "B2" and "C".

In addition to that, there are many kinds of dates ranging from Khudari dates, Sukkari dates, Ajwat dates, and Sagee dates which are very beneficial and delicious, ending with Majdool dates which are larger, darker, and have a caramel-like taste than other types of dates.

Health benefits of dates:

Firstly, Dates are one of the most nutritious foods for the body, because they are rich in vitamins. They strengthen the liver, nerves, and muscles, and work to activate the thyroid gland.

Secondly, they are Effective in combating constipation, as they moisturize the intestines and protect them from dehydration and infections. Also, they are useful in increasing the sexual desire of both spouses.

Thirdly, Dates are considered an effective treatment for the roughness of the throat, diuresis, and dialysis. Moreover, Dates are very useful for heart health as it softens blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

equally important, dates are an effective food for the brain because they contain phosphorous. It strengthens the brain, improves memory, and fights dizziness, laziness, and slackness. It is also effective in strengthening the blood and preventing anemia.

Last but not least, they are an important food for vision health, due to the presence of a high percentage of vitamin A in it. And dates are one of the most beneficial foods for fasting people during fasting days, as it compensates the body for the lack of blood sugar that it loses during fasting.

Are dates responsible for gaining weight?

Dates are usually accused of being responsible for weight gain because they are rich in sugars, but it is true that fresh dates do not cause any weight gain. On the contrary, dates are an integrated nutritional element that the body benefits from if eaten in acceptable quantities. consequently, dried or dry dates contain a high percentage of calories. So, experts don't recommend eating dates for those who follow a diet or diet with the aim of losing weight.

The health benefits of dates are varied and they are important to the human body. Because dates have great nutritional values and have been an important food to many cultures since ancient times.

Majdool Dates or Sukkari Dates?

 Here are the kinds of Dates:

In Daima, we have Majdool dates which are stuffed with dried fruits and nuts. You can try raw Majdool dates or Stuffed Majdool Dates. Other kinds of dates in Daima online store are:

  • Sukkari Dates are Smooth and naturally sweet, Sukkari dates are light brown. Daima Sukkari dates are wonderfully healthy. The Sukkari dates have numerous health benefits.
  • Khudari Dates are sweet and they are brown. Khudari dates are like Sukkari dates which are a good way to keep your healthy diet with these dates benefits.
  • Sagee dates which are light brown dates with a delicate sweetness. Sagee dates are famous for their color and benefits.
  • Ajwat dates which are a collection of dates from Medina, Saudi Arabia. Ajwat Dates are a soft, fruity, and prune-like taste and are a dry variety. Again, you can enjoy Ajwat dates benefits when you eat them as a light snack or before breakfast, or for sports exercises.
  • Majdool dates which are one of the best dates. Majdool dates are more significant, dark brown, and naturally sweet. They can be stuffed with many things like dried fruits, nuts, or chocolate. Majdool dates have a caramel-like taste.                 

Stuffed Dates:

Recently, Stuffed dates are the new way of serving dates to deliver to people who want to have a new experience of tasting.

Stuffed dates are the new way of providing nutritious benefits dates. Whether Majdool dates or Ajwat dates, Daima has stuffed these two kinds of dates with dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate to deliver a new experience of tasting and enjoying dates benefits.

Stuffed dates come with different kinds of stuffing like; dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, and more. Additionally, Dates can come dipped in chocolate to deliver the most delicate taste to the table.

Moreover, Daima has chocodates which are dates dipped in dark chocolate or white chocolate. it is another way of tasting the best dates in UAE.

Lastly, don't look too far when you are looking for dates. You can easily access our website and buy dates you like.